Exhibit Design

While I have created thousands of web pages, interactive interfaces, and print pieces, I don’t often get to do exhibit design. The following examples include the signage for an exhibit by the famous National Geographic photographer, David Doubilet, and a few concepts for PCT, an auto parts distributor.

I designed the exhibit logo and background image for David Doubilet to be printed on a special translucent and textural material called Chameleon™, produced by one of my oldest clients, Studio Productions, Inc. They make a scrim cloth that is used in theater, exhibit design, and photography.

David Doubilet

I was commissioned to design the logo and signage for the David Doubilet “Below” exhibit, sponsored by National Geographic and Rolex. David’s extraordinary photography was printed on Chameleon™ cloth,* a translucent material used in stage production, commercial photography, and exhibit design. The signage was used in the two front windows of the space; since the cloth is translucent, it shows both the image and transmits light into the space. This image filled the large window of the gallery.

Concept / Design

Chameleon is made by Studio Productions, Inc.

PCT Exhibit Design

Concepts for display of PCT auto parts in a free-standing exhibit in Pep Boys store.

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