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I love to write, especially when I use it to teach. If I can throw a little humor into the mix, all the better. Following is a small sample of some of my work. Over the years, I have worked as a copywriter, content creator, scriptwriter for tutorial movies, and the author of articles for various magazines. In addition, I am the author of 11 books on creativity, self-development, and social change.


How do You Like Them Upside-Down Apples?

The more often a potential customer sees the Apple logo, the more the idea of owning an Apple is implanted in his subconscious mind.

What Do Women Really Want?

How do you advertise to women? Any copywriter should try to understand how a woman thinks. As a woman, my answer is: we are not thinking, but feeling.

Baldness as a Brand

As a designer, marketer and all-around cultural observer, I must say that I love Seth Godin. But it is not his trim physique that attracts my attention, it is his head.

Robots Vs. People

Good copy should be written for the target audience. Page content that is pertinent to your product or service makes it easy for the user to buy from you.

Writing Copy that Sizzles

Your copy can make or break your website; the content on your site should support your product, company or service. When it doesn’t, sites don’t work.

What Drives Interactive Design (script for tutorial movie)

A script for a movie I produced on interactive design for Media Bistro e-Learning division. I created over 100 e-learning movies for MediaBistro / Graphics.com over a two year period from 2008-2012.

Packaging is King

Many people make the mistake of assuming that creativity or originality is what sells. This is not true.

Wordpress Doc Heals Your Sick Website

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Website Should Be a WordPress Blog

Top ten reasons why your website should be a Wordpress blog: SEO, wide choice, beautiful themes, extensibility, user interface, easy to set up, it’s a website too…

Tip for Easy Secure Backups

If you have worked on the computer for a while, you have probably experienced a backup failure. I have a very simple backup technique that prevents accidental loss of data.

How Can You Protect a Creative Idea?

An idea is not copyrightable—you can only copyright a tangible rendition of your idea. The only way to protect an idea is to develop it and keep a paper trail on your communications.

Margins and Gutter Tips for Creating a Book

How to design a good-looking book for publishing that takes into account the way the printer handles gutters and margins.

Copyright, Trademark, or Patent?

There is a lot of confusion about how people can protect their work. When should you use copyright, patent or trademark?

Love @ First Site

Love @ First Site: article for Dynamic Graphics / Create Magazine reviewing best websites of the year. What’s new, cool, and bad in web design.