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I love to write, especially when I use it to teach. If I can throw a little humor into the mix, all the better. Following is a small sample of some of my work. Over the years, I have worked as a copywriter, content creator, scriptwriter for tutorial movies, and author of articles for various magazines. In addition, I am the author of 11 books on creativity, self-development, and social change.

How to Use Gestalt Psychology in User Interface Design

User Interface Design: 5 Simple Principles of Perception (Using Gestalt Psychology in Graphic Design) Gestalt is a term which means “unified whole.” It refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in the 1920s. These theories describe the way people see and understand visual input, which is directly […]

How do You Like Them Upside-Down Apples?

Like a lot of designers, I own a MacBook.  Every single time I take my computer out of its case, I have to remember to place the laptop with its logo upside-down, so the computer will open facing me. Of course, as a graphic designer and marketer, I like to […]

Seth Godin’s Head: Baldness as a Brand

As a designer, marketer and all-around cultural observer, I must say that I love Seth Godin. But it is not his trim physique that attracts my attention, it is his head. Particularly the top of his head. There it is in every photograph, in every video, like a shining beacon […]

What Drives Interactive Design (script for tutorial movie)

Introduction 189 words / 1:10 min Hi, this is Aliyah Marr. Welcome to my tutorial entitled “What Drives Interactive Design” I’ll never forget my first manual car. It took me a while to get the shifting down, but once I understood the principle, it opened up a whole new world […]

Love @ First Site

Love @ First Site: article for Dynamic Graphics / Create Magazine reviewing best websites of the year. Feature article in Dynamic Love @ First Site What’s new, cool (& also bad) in web design by Aliyah Marr February 2009 If you look over the internet today, you might think it’s […]