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Going the Extra Mile as a Corporate Trainer

Just learning software is like standing too close to a painting: you can’t see the whole thing until you back up. Going the extra mile as a corporate trainer means imparting KNOWLEDGE about the field, not just training the student in the software. Otherwise, the students might not know how to best use the software they are learning.

My mission as a teacher comes from my experience as a design teacher at The School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design. I told the students that it wasn’t that important that they learned the software. Software changes, but once you become a designer, you are always a designer. If they just learned the current software, their minds would always be limited to the reach of that software; they would never master graphic design.

I love teaching because I want to empower others so that they may achieve the life of their dreams.

Aliyah Marr