Creative Coaching

Do you feel like you have lost something?

my-portrait-2You know you are missing something. Like losing the keys to your car, you can’t go anywhere until you find the key that unlocks your creativity.

Perhaps you want to develop your creativity, overcome creative blocks, or you are starting a new enterprise, and you need some high-level advice. In any case, I can help you. I am a creative projects consultant and creative coach for those type-A creative misfits like you and me.

People from all walks of life have come to me for advice: I specialize in helping people achieve their dreams. I offer private sessions through phone, email, WhatsApp, VOIP, and Skype to assist you on your path.

I live by three principles:

Maturity is overrated • Play is mandatory • Don’t ever put away your toys


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Creative Activation

Release Your Creative Genius in this session by phone.

The Creative Activation session cannot be described: there is a magical moment in this phone session when most people experience a release of their creative blocks so that their natural creativity can flow.

Good for those who want to access their innate creative genius, or for those who feel creatively blocked; for creative entrepreneurs and creative folks in any media or life-path.


$75.00 (for a limited time)

Buy a Creative Activation

Life Path Coaching | Creative Consultation

Your creative life is of one piece, so I can adapt to your needs. If you need someone to hold your hand through a difficult transition or to help you grow or start your business, you can rely on me.

Practical advice and direction in the fields of ideation, life-path decisions, new business creation, on-going business support, marketing, branding, publishing, social media, multimedia, online media, website design, mailing lists, and print design. Good for business people, entrepreneurs; creative folks in any field or life-path. Brainstorm with me!


Brainstorm with Me

Monthly Coaching | Creative Consulting

I recommend monthly coaching/consulting; there is no better feeling than having a trusted partner and guide for you in your life and business. I have a flexible schedule and a wide range of clients. Don’t be afraid to take the first step to give yourself that extra advantage that a coach/consultant can provide.

There are two ways you can engage my services on an ongoing basis:

  1. You may want to first book one of the sessions above. At the end of that first meeting, we will discuss your needs and budget, and how many times a month you want to meet.

  2. Or you can contact me through the form below.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions, inquiries or if you are in any way interested in a chat.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

I recommend her!

Knowledgeable with professional publishing techniques; she taught me a lot along the way… “I recommend her!”

Ben Luman

I strongly recommend Aliyah Marr

Working with Aliyah was a blessing. She listened to my higher vision and guided my rewriting with precise suggestions. She truly has the ability to unlock a writer’s potential. Aliyah’s style is sweet and sincere.… “I strongly recommend Aliyah Marr”

She Never Gives Up

Within a month or so, she had negotiated a TV advertising deal… “She Never Gives Up”

Wesley Negus
Technical Sales Account Manager at Texas Instruments

A Very Original Mind

I find Aliyah to have a very original mind. “A Very Original Mind”

Baker Vail
Owner, Small World Maps LLC

Creative & Results Oriented

Aliyah is a very creative and talented professional that is a joy to work with. “Creative & Results Oriented”

Russell Youngblood
Instructional Technologist at NASCO

Extraordinary—Out of the Box Thinking

I am hugely impressed with Aliyah’s extraordinary ability to create new channels of business… “Extraordinary—Out of the Box Thinking”

Roy Baldwin

Solution-Oriented Life Coaching

…extra-ordinary intuitive insight, years of hands on experience in life coaching. “Solution-Oriented Life Coaching”

Darrell Bell
Independent Transportation Professional

A Favorite of our Subscribers

Aliyah Marr is wonderful to work with. “A Favorite of our Subscribers”

Benjamin Kessler
Web Editor, INSEAD Knowledge at INSEAD

Fresh, Bold Ideas

Fresh, bold ideas and outlook when it comes to the creative. “Fresh, Bold Ideas”

Sharon Fleischmann
Faculty member at School of Visual Arts

‘Likely to Recommend’ Score of 10

I was able to get my answers to my questions and fully understand the steps in learning the product. I was able to stop and ask questions [during the corporate training session], and then repeat… “‘Likely to Recommend’ Score of 10”

Be Amazed

Amazing talent and super easy to work with. “Be Amazed”

Don Durban
Planet X

Aliyah helped a dream come true for me…

Aliyah helped a dream come true for me—we worked together to launch my first book! I am so grateful for her expertise and commitment to her work. She listens carefully while advising to ensure the best outcome and she stays focused to help reach deadlines. Thank you, Aliyah.  “Aliyah helped a dream come true for me…”

Kyra Oliver
Entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of Your Own Utopia

After One Session With Aliyah

After one session with Aliyah a 50-year old deep emotional trauma was dissolved and in its place is pure love. The process seemed effortless and the sorrow is gone. “After One Session With Aliyah”

Dee H.

A Great Mentor

Aliyah is a great teacher who has awakened strengths that have been dormant in me.
“A Great Mentor”

Enrique Leyva

Be Empowered

Aliyah has a special gift in that she can get to the root of your personal and professional issues very quickly. “Be Empowered”

Mark Ninci
President of SD Tech Services, Chief Technology Officer, MktMetrics

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Aliyah

We work as a team and she gets to know your goals and stumbling blocks… “I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Aliyah”

Cheryl Roshak

A Transformational Coach

A powerful example of creative vision and leadership. “A Transformational Coach”

Linnie Ennis Krauland
IC Connex


Here is a list of my skills. While no one can actually claim guru-level expertise on so many things, I taught motion graphics, video editing, user interface design, and user experience design at Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts in NYC.

As a design teacher and corporate trainer, I have taught classes in some of the subjects below, or trained clients in some of this software (the topics/software I have taught are marked with an * below). If something isn't listed here, just ask, chances are I know something about it.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud*
  • Adobe Creative Suite*
  • advertising
  • After Effects*
  • art direction*
  • book design
  • Adobe Captivate
  • brand development
  • brand management
  • branding
  • business creation
  • business development
  • business strategy
  • client management*
  • CMS
  • communications
  • concept development*
  • content creation*
  • content management
  • content strategy
  • copywriting
  • corporate branding*
  • corporate identity
  • corporate training
  • creative direction
  • creative strategy*
  • creative writing
  • customer service
  • digital media
  • Director*
  • Dreamweaver*
  • e-learning publishing
  • editing
  • Flash*
  • graphic design*
  • Google Analytics
  • illustration*
  • Illustrator*
  • logo design*
  • packaging
  • personal branding*
  • photography
  • Photoshop*
  • Premiere*
  • print design
  • product design
  • product development
  • product ideation
  • public speaking
  • publishing
  • seminars
  • social media manager
  • software training
  • technical trainer
  • typography
  • user experience design*
  • user interface design*
  • video editing*
  • video production
  • visual design*
  • voice-over
  • website analysis
  • WordPress*
  • workshops



Portfolio | Skills | Testimonials | LinkedIn Profile

Art Director | Creative Director | | Content Creator | Visual Designer | Corporate Trainer | Instructional Designer


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