Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing by Aliyah Marr

Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing by Aliyah Marr is a “cheat-sheet” for those who wish to learn how to publish on Kindle. Publish your book on Kindle in 7 easy steps. Buy this book and your book can be selling on Kindle by the end of the day!

Even an ebook can be beautiful, if you know how. Book designer and bestselling author Aliyah Marr reveals some super-simple techniques that she has developed to streamline the publishing process for herself and for her clients. This is a step-by-step guide that will enable you to easily and quickly produce the kind of ebook that will look great on Kindle. You worked hard writing your book; you shouldn’t have to work hard to publish it. 

Are you ready to be a published author?

Squawk! Social Media Marketing for the Solitary Bird by Aliyah Marr

How do you stand out in the world of social media marketing?

Squawk! Social Media Marketing for the Solitary Bird shows you how to brand yourself and how to market yourself and your business on social media without spamming your fans.  Common sense social media strategies for the entrepreneur. Twitter, YouTube, blog and LinkedIn your way to success. Find your flock, express yourself, stand out from the crowd: Common sense social media strategies for small business person or individual.

Professionally represent yourself, communicate your cause, and brand your business in social media without sacrificing your entire life to do it. Ideal for the small business or consultant who has little or no advertising budget, this book contains common sense suggestions on how to work with all types of social media.

This book shows you how to promote without advertising and how to market without marketing: how to gather a flock of people with similar interests, and communicate with them effectively.