The Tarot Key by Aliyah Marr

The Tarot Key by Aliyah Marr is for the serious tarot scholar/student who desires to do an in-depth study of the cards. This book was designed to work with any deck. If you are a beginner, you will find it easy to learn to read the cards and develop your own intuition. Author Aliyah Marr, the creator of two Tarot decks, introduces a revolutionary and easy-to-learn system for reading the cards that allows you to pick up any deck and interpret the images instantly. The Tarot Key is also a book for experienced Tarot readers, with a substantial introduction on the historical roots of the Tarot, an extensive section with a complete glossary of symbols, a Tarot Tableau, astrological correspondences for all the cards, and a large section on numerology.

It presents two decks, the standard Rider Waite Smith Tarot and the author’s own Tarot of Creativity, which is used to provide additional insight on the meanings of each card. The ebook has full-color images if your e-reading device permits. It also provides handy links within the document. The images are in black and white in the print version.

Do It Yourself Tarot by Aliyah Marr

Do It Yourself Tarot by Aliyah Marr is for the modern reader who wants access to the keywords, symbols, archetypes without extensive discussions of the images, historical references, and card titles.

The Easy Fun Way to Learn How to Read the Tarot for Yourself and Others

Introducing a new technique that makes it easy to read the cards using your own intuition, Do It Yourself Tarot gives you clues to the information buried in the cards and then lets you draw your own conclusions.

The tarot is a creative project that we build over time. Like master craftsmen, we all want to make the tarot our own as we craft new meanings, join together universal archetypes, polish new symbols, and hammer out the details of our visions.

Designed to be easy to carry with you and use in daily life, Do It Yourself Tarot is for the tarot student who wants to “learn as they read” and explore the cards on their own. It is an in-the-moment-anywhere guide for learning to read the tarot.

Do It Yourself Tarot
As the “Cliff Notes” of the previous book, The Tarot Key, this book is for the tarot student who wants to “learn as they read” and explore the Tarot on their own. Do It Yourself Tarot contains some of the exact same information that is in The Tarot Key. It is intended to help spark the reader’s own intuition by presenting clues as to what the cards might mean. A guidebook designed to be easy to carry with you and use in daily life, Do It Yourself Tarot introduces the same new blended technique — the SEER System™ for reading the cards that is covered in The Tarot Key in a more streamlined form.

The Tarot of Creativity Little White Book by Aliyah Marr

The Tarot of Creativity Little White Book by Aliyah Marr is the companion guide to The Tarot of Creativity,* a modern tarot by Aliyah Marr

With a brief, easy to understand style, this guide correlates each card with its deeper numerological meanings and the relationships of the cards with each other. You can use this book with The Tarot of Creativity or with any other Tarot deck to give insight on the cards and on your readings.

The Tarot of Creativity is the second Tarot deck that I have created; it was designed to be very easy to use. The card titles took a full two years to determine, as I wanted a deck that respected the ancient knowledge of numerology and Tarot symbology while enabling more positive, practical, and modern interpretations.

This book was created to be the companion guide for The Tarot of Creativity. I wanted to avoid the issues I found in most Little White Books. This book serves the following three purposes:

1. It is intended to be a small guide in the form of an actual printed book (or eBook) that you can take with you as a quick guide forThe Tarot of Creativity. The eBook version of this guide is included with every deck sold from the author. This version can easily be put on any device such as a tablet, computer or even on your phone.

2. The brief meanings for the cards enable the reader to engage their personal intuition.

3. It teaches how to read Tarot using numerology and how to use the energy of the suits for creative thinking.