Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing by Aliyah Marr

Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing by Aliyah Marr

Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing by Aliyah Marr is a “cheat-sheet” for those who wish to learn how to publish on Kindle. Publish your book on Kindle in 7 easy steps. Buy this book and your book can be selling on Kindle by the end of the day!

Even an ebook can be beautiful if you know how. Book designer and bestselling author Aliyah Marr reveals some super-simple techniques that she has developed to streamline the publishing process for herself and for her clients. This is a step-by-step guide that will enable you to easily and quickly produce the kind of ebook that will look great on Kindle. You worked hard writing your book; you shouldn’t have to work hard to publish it. 

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Excellent practical guidance

Over the last five years, there has been an ongoing plethora of books on self-publishing for would be writers wishing to turn themselves into authors. For many, especially first-timers tentatively dipping their toe into the murky waters of going it alone into the ever-changing world of publishing, this becomes an environment of despair and confusion. Too often such writers are perplexed and overwhelmed with over-complex diatribes of technical jargon and coding or a great mass of unnecessary marketing and social media rhetoric, when in reality all they want is a simple to understand explanation of what is a relatively straightforward set of processes, quite within the skills of any writer who can happily use Word or post an email.

It is therefore pleasing to confirm that such a book, Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing, by experienced author Aliyah Marr, is, at last, available and provides simple, easy to follow and diagrammatically illustrated practical steps to quickly get your final, edited manuscript up onto Amazon and out to readers. Commencing with some valuable explanation of what eBooks actually are, taking the mythology out of the technical hype, followed by good and bad practice to keep an eye out for, the book soon moves into the basic steps and required simple tools to build your own eBook and then self publish. This is achieved through seven neatly explained steps, starting with the necessary polishing up and preparation of your finished Word manuscript, through the use of freely available and easy to use tools to finally achieve your goal of an uploadable file to Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. The process then appropriately finishes by taking you through setting up your own Kindle account and the information you need by your side to complete the process and get your book up and marketable, visible to potential readers.

In addition a very useful series of FAQs, hints, and guidance on marketing, how to ensure your necessary front cover and even the appropriate ways of hiring a designer to create the best job you could afford, are included, something I would very much endorse.

This book is first rate because the author is not only a successful self-published author and professional book designer and artist, but is clearly a highly skilled teacher, comfortable with working at the front end of technical complexities but able to deconstruct out the geek to enable the rest of us to simply write, follow her steps and get our creation out for sale to the world without fuss. I can highly recommend this easy-to- read, practical book, whether you are experienced, because there is always something new to learn as I pleasantly found out, or you are a complete novice.

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