Parallel Mind The Art of Creativity by Aliyah Marr

Parallel Mind The Art of Creativity by Aliyah Marr

Aliyah Marr draws from her experience as a teacher, visual artist, poet, graphic designer, and art director to demonstrate how you can change your body, your profession, your relationship, and your life just by changing your thoughts.

A powerful reference guide for artists, educators, psychologists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and for those who have an interest in a practical form of self-development.

Packed with practical examples and exercises from every medium: visual art, theater, music, video, poetry, scriptwriting, and dance, this book shows you how to use art to express, and then clarify thoughts and emotions to create whatever you want.

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Luke Hampelon
5.0 out of 5 stars

Life is Art

Aliyah Marr sells herself short here. I found this book more than a missing manual for my right brain; I found it to be a brilliant nexus of ideas for the creative life.

Aliyah understands that life itself is a work of art, and blends together some of the most powerful concepts of our time into something fresh, practical and encompassing.

It is true that many considering this book may have heard about the energy and insight of the inner child, the importance of changing beliefs to change reality, the skills of mindfulness and detachment and so forth. However, I have yet to find a more concise, practical, and friendly book on the topic of personal creative growth.

Aliyah has made powerful wisdom her own, expanded upon it and given it back to us in an accessible way. The exercises are fun, the synthesis is tight and the analysis is spot on.

You can spend hours studying the work of figures like Don Miguel Ruiz, Mark Epstein, Albert Einstein, and the many other key thinkers synthesized in this book. Perhaps you already have. I love this book because I actually want to live these principles, and it feels so good, and is so fun and handy, to hear it from someone who does.

Thornton H. Sully
5.0 out of 5 stars

A savvy marriage counselor for the feuding right and left brain

Parallel Mind is not about self-help–it’s about self -determination. It is immediately appealing as a motivational guide because it does what few self-help books even attempt: it treats the reader as if they had a brain.

A right and left brain, to be more precise.

According to author and artist Aliya Marr, the two halves don’t always make a whole. They seem to have conflicting agendas.

“The right brain—intuitive, holistic, and none verbal—is analogous to our definition of the inner child. The left brain—rational, linear and verbal…is the adult persona.” As long as the right and left brain bicker for dominance, we’re a cat chasing our own tail. Albert Einstein would seem to agree: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind the faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Through specific exercises and provocative insight, this accomplished artist/author empowers us to open up the dialogue between adult and child, left and right. With the kind of mathematical surprise that would have delighted Einstein, she helps us discover that when the two halves work in tandem, one half plus one half equals infinity, and our capacity for problem solving becomes limitless, and, more to the point of this unique guide, joyful!

Aliyah Marr has her own “E=Mc2” equation, and it is this: “Vision + Passion= Manifestation.” For those with a vague awareness that something is missing in their lives, she makes a compelling case in this nutritious read that personal change is possible, and the rewards immeasurable, that joy and abundance is a nano-second away.

This ain’t for couch potatoes, but Ms Marr isn’t asking you to get to work–she’s inviting you to come out and play. “Creativity is play with purpose.” Who wouldn’t want to join her?

Steve Kaye
5.0 out of 5 stars

More Than Technique

This book has a beautiful voice. It is encouraging, gentle, and kind. It speaks to you like a good friend.

The book is about more than creativity. It’s about opening your mind to become the creative person that exists in each of us. So, instead of providing a catalog of quick techniques, this book goes deeper into the heart of creativity. It goes into the fundamental mindset that drives creativity. Once you master this, then you can use the tools like an artist.

And yes, the book also provides techniques. But the real value is in the profound wisdom about how people unfold into being creative.

I found this to be one of those rare books that deserves to be kept and cherished.

I strongly recommend this book. It belongs in any personal library.

P. Ave.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Getting in the flow

Aliyah Marr’s book goes directly to the heart of the creative experience. She leads the reader to the boundry of un patterned and habitual thought—pure creativity. Aliyah explores many of the different roads and perspectives to inspire your most creative self into being.

Julie A. Gengo
5.0 out of 5 stars

Fantastic Expose on Creativity

Every individual needs a dose of this book. Creativity is the heart and soul of existence and Aliyah expertly explains this concept so that you fully understand and can absorb the message. Creativity is for everyone no matter what you do, who you are or where you dare to tread.

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