Squawk! Social Media Marketing for the Solitary Bird by Aliyah Marr

Squawk! Social Media Marketing for the Solitary Bird by Aliyah Marr

Squawk! Social Media Marketing for the Solitary Bird shows you how to brand yourself and how to market yourself and your business on social media without spamming your fans.  Common sense social media strategies for the entrepreneur. Twitter, YouTube, blog and LinkedIn your way to success. Find your flock, express yourself, stand out from the crowd: Common sense social media strategies for small business person or individual.

Professionally represent yourself, communicate your cause, and brand your business in social media without sacrificing your entire life to do it. Ideal for the small business or consultant who has little or no advertising budget, this book contains common sense suggestions on how to work with all types of social media.

This book shows you how to promote without advertising and how to market without marketing: how to gather a flock of people with similar interests, and communicate with them effectively. This book is for you if you want to:

  • Create an honest no-hype presence on the web for yourself or for your business
  • Gain a real following of people that are listening
  • Establish whom you are without self-promoting or advertising
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your field
  • Supply real information that helps potential customers to make informed decisions
  • Build an image of who you are and what you do in your reader’s minds.
  • Become more effective in how you communicate online
  • Stand out in the social media forest, not be lost in the meaningless trees of content

Advance Review

I really love this book…it is really valuable to have at the side of your desk for dipping into immediately. I use it as a serious reference and to better understand the increasingly complex and confusing world of social media marketing, which can at best become overwhelming and at worst a real nightmare.

Aliyah has written not only a common-sense description of easy-to-follow building blocks and integrated platforms but added her usual unique sparkle of wit, fun, and creativity into the process. This makes this book a pleasure to read on topics which are often presented in such a tedious and off-putting nerdy way, but this book tells you how it is, straight and no messing about.

This book will make you laugh and smile as well as reflect and ponder.

Writers are advised endlessly to Twitter our Facebooks and StumbleUpon our LinkedIn. Now I think I have at last informally learned something practical and useful at a cost-effective price and can now HootSuite the lot. ~ Roy Baldwin

This book made bestselling status in a few days on Amazon.

#4 in E-commerce/Small Business
#24 in Business & Money/Technology)

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