The Tarot Key by Aliyah Marr

The Tarot Key by Aliyah Marr

The Tarot Key by Aliyah Marr is for the serious tarot scholar/student who desires to do an in-depth study of the cards. This book was designed to work with any deck. If you are a beginner, you will find it easy to learn to read the cards and develop your own intuition. Author Aliyah Marr, the creator of two Tarot decks, introduces a revolutionary and easy-to-learn system for reading the cards that allows you to pick up any deck and interpret the images instantly. The Tarot Key is also a book for experienced Tarot readers, with a substantial introduction on the historical roots of the Tarot, an extensive section with a complete glossary of symbols, a Tarot Tableau, astrological correspondences for all the cards, and a large section on numerology.

It presents two decks, the standard Rider Waite Smith Tarot and the author’s own Tarot of Creativity, which is used to provide additional insight on the meanings of each card. The ebook has full-color images if your e-reading device permits. It also provides handy links within the document. The images are in black and white in the print version.

The Tarot is a tool that can put you in contact with your inner guidance by helping you access your natural intuition. Reading the Tarot involves a creative synthesis of the Reader’s personality, intuition, knowledge, and wisdom, married in a mystical union with the reader’s Higher Self. The Tarot explores the same existential and universal questions that mankind has asked since the beginning of time: What is out there beyond our senses? How can we access our true creative power? And how can we understand, align, and create with the forces in our lives?

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P. Ave.
5.0 out of 5 stars


Outstanding book on a very in-depth and complicated subject. This book is very clearly written and laid out very well. When using this book with the author’s own deck, it becomes one of the most powerful teaching tools I’ve come across. I strongly recommend that one buys the author’s companion deck for this book, as it helps to distill the abstractness of the traditional Tarot into easy to understand and the more familiar aspects of energy. The companion deck helps to make readings much easier, clearer and much more fun.

Mazie Miles
5.0 out of 5 stars

Love the ability to look up the meanings of cards.

How to use them and the meanings are clear and precise.

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