The Tarot of Creativity Little White Book by Aliyah Marr

The Tarot of Creativity Little White Book by Aliyah Marr

With a brief, easy to understand style, this guide correlates each card with its deeper numerological meanings and the relationships of the cards with each other. You can use this book with The Tarot of Creativity or with any other Tarot deck to give insight on the cards and on your readings.

The Tarot of Creativity is the second Tarot deck that I have created; it was designed to be very easy to use. The card titles took a full two years to determine, as I wanted a deck that respected the ancient knowledge of numerology and Tarot symbology while enabling more positive, practical, and modern interpretations.

This book was created to be the companion guide for The Tarot of Creativity. I wanted to avoid the issues I found in most Little White Books. This book serves the following three purposes:

1. It is intended to be a small guide in the form of an actual printed book (or eBook) that you can take with you as a quick guide forThe Tarot of Creativity. The eBook version of this guide is included with every deck sold from the author. This version can easily be put on any device such as a tablet, computer or even on your phone.

2. The brief meanings for the cards enable the reader to engage their personal intuition.

3. It teaches how to read Tarot using numerology and how to use the energy of the suits for creative thinking.


The Tarot of Creativity was designed to align with the ancient art of numerology. To use this book properly, it is important to look first at the number of the card. I have organized the information in this book by sections, each section contains all the cards for that number, starting with the Major Arcana card, and then proceeding through the equivalent card in each suit.

Traditionally, the booklet included with most Tarot decks was a tiny book the size of the deck or the size of the box it shipped in. As a little, stapled booklet; it was usually limited to a few pages with cryptic keywords for most of the cards that didn’t really serve to illuminate the imagery or titles. One of the most arcane and difficult “Little White Books” I have ever tried to read was written by A. E. Waite for the Rider Waite Smith deck. The card descriptions seemed to have little to do with the import of the deck and distracted from the meanings rather than adding to them.

If You Want To Learn Tarot
I have written two other books, “The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets to Your Soul” and “Do It Yourself Tarot” which are intended to be guides for learning the Tarot, as well as being a reference tool for the more experienced or professional reader. “The Tarot Key” is intended to be the only tarot guide you will ever need and includes extensive descriptions of all the cards in both the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and The Tarot of Creativity. “The Tarot Key” introduces a blended technique for learning and reading the cards that I call the SEER System (TM).

Do It Yourself Tarot” is a quick guide to learning to read Tarot and develop your intuition.

* The Tarot of Creativity is available direct from the artist/author’s website.


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