Unplug From the Matrix Guided Meditations

These audio pieces were produced during the writing of the book, Unplug From the Matrix. A set of 12 easy-to-do, in-the-moment meditations, visualizations, and practical exercises to enhance your life and help you unplug from The Matrix.

About the Meditations

Starting in 2013, I found myself spontaneously recording these meditations and practices on my iPhone. I never knew in advance when inspiration would hit: I might be in my car, eating dinner, or I might have just woken up. Over the course of several years, I produced over 100 audio files. The meditations below are the cream of the crop; they are designed to accompany the book, Unplug From the Matrix, as a practical workbook of meditations, visualizations, and techniques. —Aliyah Marr

The following 12 files are included in this set of meditations/practices:

#1  The Incubator Technique—how to solve conflict remotely

#2  The Amusement Park Ride—what to do when the floor drops away

#3  The Balloon—letting go to fly free

#4  The Within and Without—choosing the elements of your world

#5  The Gyroscope—achieving equilibrium in every situation

#6  The Vortex of Belief—mastering the geometry of desire

#7  The Eye of the Needle—going through the gateway of the matrix

#8  The Titanic—letting go for good

#9  The Pressure Cooker—releasing emotions

#10 The Matrix in Your Mind—overcoming your programming

#11 Zeno’s Paradox—where do you want to be?

#12 Choose Love Over Fear—overcoming the Matrix

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