Creative Consultant and Creative Coach Aliyah Marr

A creative director and graphic designer with a client list of Fortune 500 companies, I am a creative consultant for companies and a vision coach for social entrepreneurs. No matter what they want to accomplish, I can help my clients with a broad range of practical advice. I use my experience as a creative director, graphic designer, communicator, multimedia / publishing / elearning specialist, and entrepreneur to provide solid ideation, branding, marketing, media, and promotional advice.

What is Creative Coaching?

Through my experience as a teacher and coach for creative individuals, I have come to know that inside every person is their higher self, which is their creative self; AKA their “inner child.”

In many people this “creative soul” may be blocked, thwarted, or starved of nourishment. I assist in the activation, unblocking, and nurturing of your innate creativity to help you connect with your higher self; once these parts of you are fully engaged in a healthy partnership, you can manifest your dreams.

I am an experienced life coach for creative people.  But, unlike most life coaches, I have a broad range of practical up-to-date expertise in the fields of fine arts, marketing (personal branding), social media, publishing, creative development, media production, design & art direction, writing, and creative ideation  / creative management (see Creative Consultant above).

How can a Creative Activation session help me?

I work on many levels at the same time. Your “higher self” is the greater part of you: let’s say that it is the “mother ship” that sent you, the scout ship, on an adventure in density—down to planet Earth, into the experimental field of duality. Creative activity puts you in contact with your higher self, as this part of you “knows” everything that you want—after all, it is the more connected part of you.

I help you connect or reconnect with your higher self—aka your creative self.

I like to say that there is toggle switch in everyone, a kind of light switch that connects you to your innate creativity (your higher or more empowered self). In a creatively blocked individual this switch is turned off—this is the result of our social conditioning, a tool to keep us plugged into the Matrix. At some point during our session, this switch gets flipped on, effectively Unplugging you from the Matrix. The result: you are empowered to live the life of your dreams.

What most people don’t know is that we are naturally creative—we are the creators of the reality that we see. As long as we are in fear—even fear of our own creative power—we create the default template of the Matrix. When we release our fear, we enter into a new partnership with our higher selves—one of play and creative action. We become “conscious creators” and thus we are able to create what we want, instead of the default programming.

You could say that all I do is give my clients permission to play: play is the result of creative activation, while fear keeps us trapped in a cage of limitation. We are taught that we are not creative, or that creative right-brain intuition is to be mistrusted. I ask you: would you rather live in love with life or in fear of it? Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

What is a “Social Entrepreneur?”

People come to me from a wide gamut of professions and fields, but they usually have one thing in common: they want to make a world that works for everyone. I call these highly creative people “social entrepreneurs.” They know that they can be successful and help others at the same time. They know, as I do, that we can channel our creativity towards creating services and products that support a sustainable economy that does not stress or the environment or exploit others. As my clients achieve their dreams, they empower others to do the same.