5 Makeover Web Strategies: how to makeover a website

5 Makeover Web Strategies: how to makeover a website


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This tutorial series is from the collection of over 100 video tutorials for web designers that I created for MediaBistro and Create Magazine. Each tutorial series consisted of four videos: an introduction and three instructional videos. I taught graphic design principles and good web design practices to an audience that included those who may not have had a design education or professional experience in web design.

I have created online videos and interactive teaching interfaces for most of my career as a designer. One of the biggest e-learning projects I worked on was the Hummer multimedia repair manual for the Army. I designed and programmed the interface, and then headed up a team of designers to create the interactive movies. The manual included text, video, voice-overs, graphics and sound in two languages inside an interactive interface. The final project included hundreds of files and movies. We achieved this herculean feat in less than 6 months.

The Gummy Bear Awards for Sticky Websites

I coined the phrase, “Gummy Bear Awards” for this tutorial on how to make websites more “sticky” through good user interface design.

Design Police Report 5 Web Design Crimes

In this tutorial series, I get to be a police officer and report on crimes in user interface design.

Lessons From the Bauhaus

How to apply basic design principles from the Bauhaus movement to contemporary UI design.

How to Use Gestalt Psychology in User Interface Design

Video tutorials: How to Use Gestalt Psychology in User Interface Design

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