The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

This illustration was derived from a piece of 3D art I created. There were several versions: it started out with two toy bees placed on a classical portrait by Botticelli. Later, I found that the silhouette of the bee could become a mask for the texture of the hair. The surreal effect of a wooden-looking bee on the woman’s face is just slightly disturbing.


3D art and book design copyright Aliyah Marr

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The Visionary

Another of my 3D illustrations, in this case, I place a cube of a face on top of the right eye of another face and shot it at an angle. A visual pun on the word, “visionary.”

The Myth of Race

The image is of a push-up toy that I bought in Chelsea a few years ago. Tension is conveyed by the jarring offset of the foreground and background colors.

Anonymous was a Woman

The 3D illustration was created by pouring sand over a painting of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. Then I created a swirl to reveal the lips.

Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

The “gangsta” theme of this book provoked a title made from a ransom note.

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