Gallery of Art

This site is an interactive art piece that contains interactive art, videos, and 2-dimensional artwork spanning a 10 year period.

I designed and programmed this art gallery of my artwork in Flash; it includes a lot of animated elements, interactive functionality, and easter eggs for you to find. Be sure to check out the Open Studio section, indicated by the (O).

I was invited to show my interactive art in the international art gallery at the annual Siggraph conference and at Digital Concentrate (a national exhibit held at Indiana University).

user interface design | video editing | programming | copywriting

To experience the art gallery, please click on any image below—you should have the Flash player downloaded and turned on.

The Open Studio section (O) has some cool easter eggs for you to find. The yellow vertical lines at the bottom of the screen (see above) represent paintings turned on their side. When you roll over a line it turns to face you, revealing the thumbnail image. Clicking on the thumbnail brings the image up in the gallery section above the lines.

As in the Exhibits section (see the screenshot below), the horizontal lines on the far left top of the screen open to reveal each exhibit.





You will have to download or activate the Flash player in order to view this game: it will work with an updated Flash player on a computer, not a smartphone or iPad. Links and plugins may not work on your browser. The video pieces may not play on the Chrome browser.

— Aliyah Marr

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