Reveal Effect Animated Gif

My client, Studio Productions, has a unique theatrical scrim that is translucent and textural, which allows for some really interesting lighting effects, as well as for front and rear projection. The owner initially asked me to make an animated gif to demonstrate how to use her product. Pinterest allows for animated gifs, but they don’t animate until you click on them. The first animated gif was in landscape mode, and too small for the vertical format of Pinterest. Both of these were real issues, in my opinion.

However, I still felt that we were missing a lot of potential users because there wasn’t any way to explain what was happening behind the scenes. So, I created the second infographic below so that the potential customers would be able to see at a glance how the product works. The final pin is not only in the proper vertical format that Pinterest prefers, but also clearly demonstrates how to use her product in a way that even a layman might be able to understand.

animated gif. Graphic design, Aliyah Marr

Animated gif and jpg demonstrates how to create a reveal effect using a Chameleon scrim and lights. Graphic design, Aliyah Marr

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