Unplug From the Matrix

This design emulates the screen of the Matrix: the title swirls as if going down a drain. I recreated the characters of the Matrix movie screen, which I created in electric blue, while the title is in the original Matrix green. Then I used a swirl effect to swirl the screen and title.

I have a lot of fun designing book interiors. I like to make the book beautiful and easy to read. Following are some spreads from the book.

Cover Typography
ITC Lubalin Graph
ITC Galliard
Futura Medium and Bold Condensed

Interior Typography
Body copy: Adobe Garamond Pro Regular
Quotes: Futura Light Oblique
Chapter heads and footnotes: Futura Light
Chapter head initial cap: Brothers of Metal
Icons: Nucleus One

This book is available on Amazon:


More Book Design –>
One of the most delightful things in being both an author and designer is that I get to design my own books. I have, of course, designed books for other authors. In addition, I have helped several of my creative consulting clients become book publishers in their own right.

The Visionary

Another of my 3D illustrations, in this case, I place a cube of a face on top of the right eye of another face and shot it at an angle. A visual pun on the word, “visionary.”

The Myth of Race

The image is of a push-up toy that I bought in Chelsea a few years ago. Tension is conveyed by the jarring offset of the foreground and background colors.

Anonymous was a Woman

The 3D illustration was created by pouring sand over a painting of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. Then I created a swirl to reveal the lips.

Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

The “gangsta” theme of this book provoked a title made from a ransom note.

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