If you want to be an authority in your field you should have a book. Full book publishing services offered by professional book designer Aliyah Marr, author of Do it Yourself Kindle Publishing*

I can help you publish your book. Marketing a book takes a bit more these days. However, I can help you do this organically; that is, in a way that makes sense to you and fulfills realistic goals. Many new authors think that they may have a bestseller, and while you may have a book that makes top lists,  a more realistic purpose for publishing a book is to help you market your services or another product. I wrote a book on how to make an ebook: Do it Yourself Kindle Publishing.

E-book Publishing Services

  • E-Book Cover Design**
  • Editing
  • Ebook formatting
  • Sell on Amazon and other major book distributors like iBooks and Nook
  • Book promotion
  • Author’s profile and book description
  • Sample chapter for download
  • Set up direct downloads on website*

Print Book Publishing Services

I specialize in branding, content creation, publishing, and online asset management for my clients.

Book publishing doesn’t stop when you publish your book; you have to advertise and promote it; you have to link your book to your website and other materials.

I believe in empowering my clients to do as much or as little as they want, however, they are always in charge. You own the copyright to your book and you are always in control of your books because my process sets you up as the publisher, and I teach you how to manage your book through your publishing platforms.

  • I have written and published 11 books in the self-help genre. In addition I have helped many of my clients publish their books and become publishers in their own right.

** See the book design portfolio of Aliyah Marr

*** See Web Design Services




A Transformational Coach

A powerful example of creative vision and leadership.… Read more “A Transformational Coach”

Linnie Ennis Krauland
IC Connex

Be Empowered

Aliyah has a special gift in that she can get to the root of your personal and professional issues very quickly.… Read more “Be Empowered”

Mark Ninci
President of SD Tech Services, Chief Technology Officer, MktMetrics

My Reading Inspired Me to let my Light Shine

My reading really resonated with me and inspired me to let my light shine.… Read more “My Reading Inspired Me to let my Light Shine”

Working With Aliyah

An ever-evolving playful and productive journey… Read more “Working With Aliyah”

Benjamin Kessler
Web Editor, INSEAD Knowledge at INSEAD

‘Likely to Recommend’ Score of 10

I was able to get my answers to my questions and fully understand the steps in learning the product. I was able to stop and ask questions [during the corporate training session], and then repeat when necessary. ~ anonymous student review of Adobe After Effects corporate training class, April 2018… Read more “‘Likely to Recommend’ Score of 10”

Be Amazed

Amazing talent and super easy to work with.… Read more “Be Amazed”

Don Durban
Planet X

She Never Gives Up

Within a month or so, she had negotiated a TV advertising deal…… Read more “She Never Gives Up”

Wesley Negus
Technical Sales Account Manager at Texas Instruments

Extraordinary—Out of the Box Thinking

I am hugely impressed with Aliyah’s extraordinary ability to create new channels of business…… Read more “Extraordinary—Out of the Box Thinking”

Roy Baldwin

I recommend her!

Knowledgeable with professional publishing techniques; she taught me a lot along the way…… Read more “I recommend her!”

Ben Luman

A Very Original Mind

I find Aliyah to have a very original mind.… Read more “A Very Original Mind”

Baker Vail
Owner, Small World Maps LLC

Aliyah helped a dream come true for me…

Aliyah helped a dream come true for me—we worked together to launch my first book! I am so grateful for her expertise and commitment to her work. She listens carefully while advising to ensure the best outcome and she stays focused to help reach deadlines. Thank you, Aliyah. ~ Kyra… Read more “Aliyah helped a dream come true for me…”

Fresh, Bold Ideas

Fresh, bold ideas and outlook when it comes to the creative.… Read more “Fresh, Bold Ideas”

Sharon Fleischmann
Faculty member at School of Visual Arts

I strongly recommend Aliyah Marr

Working with Aliyah was a blessing. She listened to my higher vision and guided my rewriting with precise suggestions. She truly has the ability to unlock a writer’s potential. Aliyah’s style is sweet and sincere. She cares about the power of words. She has excellent ideas and exchanged ideas with… Read more “I strongly recommend Aliyah Marr”

I Love My Reading

Highly accurate, informative, guiding, and very different.… Read more “I Love My Reading”

A Great Mentor

Aliyah is a great teacher who has awakened strengths that have been dormant in me.
Read more “A Great Mentor”

Enrique Leyva

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Aliyah

We work as a team and she gets to know your goals and stumbling blocks…… Read more “I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Aliyah”

Cheryl R.

Creative & Results Oriented

Aliyah is a very creative and talented professional that is a joy to work with.… Read more “Creative & Results Oriented”

Russell Youngblood
Instructional Technologist at NASCO

Solution-Oriented Life Coaching

…extra-ordinary intuitive insight, years of hands on experience in life coaching.… Read more “Solution-Oriented Life Coaching”

Darrell Bell
Independent Transportation Professional



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