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Tarot and Personal Development
Tarot can be used as a tool to gain “inside information” on our subconscious thoughts, dreams, and desires. The images, symbols, and archetypes in a reading allow us to gain access to information stored deep in the right brain.* In psychological terms, the Tarot can help us connect with levels of our consciousness that are often hidden from our daily awareness: the subconscious current of desires and needs, as well as the wisdom and all-knowing nature of the superconscious.

Many famous successful people owe the timing of their success to the kind of “inside information” that the cards can reveal. The Tarot can be read from many different levels — from simple divination to higher-self connections and personal development.

How do you want the Tarot to work for you?**


Two-card Reading

A 2-card reading designed to help you see things more clearly and make decisions. I read from two decks (the Rider Waite Smith tarot and my deck, the Tarot of Creativity): I draw a single card from one deck and match it with the corresponding card from the other deck. This gives me tons of insight. I send you the reading—picture and text— via email.

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Three-card Reading

A 3-card reading is a quick way to get lots of information about where you are right now, what might be coming in the immediate future, and guidance on how to proceed. Via email.

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Celtic Cross

This reading tells you where you are right now, and offers advice on how to proceed.

I specialize in life-path readings that address the bigger you, what your soul desires, and allows us to access the intent of your higher self.

This tarot reading is like a compass for your life. Read below for more information on what tarot readings with me are like.

Reading by email.

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Your life in 365 Degrees: a reading for every area of your life.

This complete, life-path reading gives insight for every house in the astrological chart: work, relationships, family, love, career, creativity, home environment, aspirations, etc.

In this reading, I discuss the current trajectory of each of these areas, and, if necessary, how to proceed to achieve optimal balance.

Reading by email.

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Suggested price: $77


Creative Activation

Release Your Creative Genius in this session by phone.

The creative activation session cannot be described: there is a magical moment in this hour-long phone session when most people experience a release of their creative blocks. Once your creative blocks are released, your natural creativity can flow.

By phone. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of creative activation!

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GPS Tarot
Guidance System:
Creative Coaching
+ Tarot

Monthly subscription = four tarot readings/creative life coach sessions per month, recordings of your sessions and ongoing contact via email and text.

This coaching package allows the greatest amount of creativity and higher guidance to flow in your life.

By phone, email, and text. Monthly subscription.

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Suggested price: $225


Creative Consultation | Creative Coaching

I am a creative consultant and coach; I specialize in helping creative people achieve their dreams. I offer private sessions through phone, email, WhatsApp, VOIP, and Skype to assist you on your path. I have worked with many people, in many capacities.

In this session, you can discuss your life direction or specific projects or goals. We can discuss your projects, go over your ideas, and resolve any blocks that you may have. Good for business people, entrepreneurs; creative folks in any media or life-path. Brainstorm with me!

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My deck, The Tarot of Creativity. Buy the deck HERE

I have studied Tarot for many years; I even created an online Tarot deck as a game playing with the contextual relationship of words to pictures. Later, I came to appreciate the symbolism and transcendental nature of this unusual historical game.

What I really love about the Tarot is that it gives me a way to communicate with the desires and intent of your higher self. The Tarot gives you a “snapshot” of where you are now and a glimpse of the way forward. Through the images in the cards, I engage with your higher self to see what you need to know and how you can proceed. I help you choose your path and advise you on how to best manage your energy so you can achieve your highest aspirations.

I work with my Tarot of Creativity deck and with the Rider Waite Smith tarot in what is called a “comparative tarot” technique, which blends the meanings from both decks. You can be assured that my readings are informative, gentle, and insightful; you are encouraged to step into your highest aspirations and live the life of your dreams.

I developed a unique way to view the Tarot, called the SEER™ technique, which can show how energy is flowing in a spread; when I read I can see how this energy affects the way the spread should be read. I often use numerology in conjunction with the Tarot as a way to “sum up” the ultimate meaning in a reading.

Carl Jung once said that if he were condemned to solitary confinement and could bring in only one object, he would ask for a Tarot deck; implying that the wisdom of the universe is contained therein.


I read from two Tarot decks using a technique I developed called the SEER™ technique which I outline in my two tarot books, The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul and Do It Yourself Tarot.

Tarot-Key DIY-tarot-ebook-cover

Some of the cards from my deck, The Tarot of Creativity. Buy the deck HERE.

  • Here is how a Tarot reading “works:” The right brain is more image-based: the reader interprets the right-brain meanings of the pictures, symbols, and archetypes of the cards with her language-based left brain. Surprising insights and intuitive hits result. The reader and the querent (the person being read) are in a partnership; a willing collaboration to find the questions hidden in the subconscious and to access the wisdom of the superconscious.

** We are required by law to state that Tarot readings are for entertainment only. Tarot should never be taken as a prediction of future events; it is more fluid than that. Tarot can only tell you how you feel about something and only predicts according to your own thoughts and beliefs.

If you were to have a Tarot reading every day, it would tell you something different each day. I once kept a journal of my readings for a year. Every month I would do a six-month Tarot reading: the last month, current month, and for four months in the future. The events “predicted” in each reading were accurate, but the timing of those events would change as time progressed.




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